Finding the Best Pallet Rack

What’s the purpose of having a large warehouse to work in if its space is not being used efficiently? Having a well structured warehouse helps improve productivity. Pallet racking can help you make the most of the space in your warehouse and address your specific needs.

Pallet Racking Options

Pallet racking can be simple or complex systems. It’s common practice for companies to start with a simple pallet racking system and expand as their business grows and they require more storage. 

Pallet Racking Considerations

When you’re making considerations for the pallet racking system, consider the following:

Flooring: Warehouse floors come in all types and they also vary depending on their thickness and levelness. In all cases, the location of the warehouse is also important so you can ensure you have the proper pallet racking system in case of seismic activity. 

Load capacity: No matter how your product may change over time, you’ll want to consider pallet racking systems with a load capacity on the high end. It would be safer to avoid having to change out your pallet racks in the event of underestimated product weights. 

Measurement specifications: Having the most accurate measurements before purchasing just any pallet rack is an important first step. The specifications that are most important are the spacing necessary between load beams and measuring the vertical space for pallet rack frame height. In addition, you will want to know the anticipated weight of your pallet racking. 

Durability: Look for a rack that is made from high-quality materials and has a sturdy construction. Pallet racks can be made from steel, wood, plastic, or aluminum. Each material has its benefits in cost, corrosion-resistance, and the weight it can hold. Across the board, steel is usually the best option. 

Safety features: If you are working with high volumes in a large warehouse, safety features may be another consideration. Look for racks with safety features such as row spacers and sway braces to help prevent accidents. 

Types of Pallet Racks

Once the initial steps are complete, determine which type of pallet racking system is best for you. There are a wide variety of pallet rack systems available, see below: 

Selective Racking: These are the most simple racking systems. They are designed for easy picking so they can be accessed directly from an aisle. They also give you double the storage. Selective racking is best used in warehouses that store a wide variety of products. 

Drive-In Racking: Just as the name implies, these racking systems are designed for forklifts to “drive in”. With this system, you’re working with high storage density, but it can be difficult to reach pallets in the back as the pallets are sometimes stored one behind the other. Drive-in racking is ideal for warehouses that store large quantities of the same product. 

Pushback Racking: Storage is slightly inclined which allows for easy movement. Pallets can be pushed to the rear as new products are placed. When a pallet is removed, remaining pallets automatically roll back on inclined rails to make room for the next pallet. Pushback racking is optimal for warehouses that store large quantities of the same products because of the efficient storage and retrieval of pallets without the need for specialized handling equipment and maximizing space. 

Gravity Flow Racking: With this kind of pallet racking system, it is designed to move older products out first. They’re loaded from the back in order to push the older products to the front. As pallets are placed on top of the rack they roll down to the bottom on inclined rails to be easily retrieved. These racks allow for maximum utilization of storage space. 

Cantilever Racking: These are best used for products that will rarely change in shape or size. For example, this works well for storing lumber, pipes, and furniture. The horizontal arms provide unobstructed access to products and can be adjusted to accommodate different lengths and sizes of items. This type of racking is best for fragile or high-value products. Though this isn’t the most efficient type of pallet racking system, it allows for the storage of a wide variety of products because of its lower density of storage. 

Although it may seem overwhelming, these are important steps to take before installation. Primo Corporations can help you every step of the way. Primo Corporations offers a number of comprehensive engineering services and large scale manufacturing of products including pallet racking. To learn how we can apply our expertise to your next project, contact us today. 

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