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We’re a global engineering services provider and manufacturer

Founded in 2012, PRIMO Corporations is an innovative manufacturer serving the OEM industries. Headquartered in Phoneix, Arizona, USA. PRIMO Corporations holds an international presence and maintains staying competitive in world market. They use modern technologies and high quality services including broad manufacturing direct to our customers. 

With IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 , ISO 14001:2015 certifications, the engineering leadership has the ability to continuously develop innovative products and enhancing existing services and solutions that truly embody the forward thinking values that make PRIMO Corporations unique into itself than any other business. Primo Corporations leadership is paramount to its success because of extensive engineering knowledge and backgrounds allow the services offered to be professionally endless. PRIMO embraces the latest technologies to further itself in manufacturing arena. From injection moulding to automated welding, PRIMO uses such technologies to produce best possible and efficient results. While PRIMO Corporations is committed to its leadership and employees it maintains its core values and respect of the customers and suppliers all while protecting the environment and supporting the local communities where we live and work regularly. 

PRIMO Corporations most valuable asset is undoubtedly, the customer. We want to ensure the best care and quality results that make our customers proud to be associated with PRIMO. We strive to continue this belief in every possible way. 

Let us integrate into your future. 

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We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advanced services.

We bring more than 10 years’ senior experience forging
collaborations across government, private sector and
international forums.

Brief History of PRIMO Corporations

We are a multi-conglomerate company that produces a large capacity of parts for the OEM, such as stamping, injection molding and engineering services.


2nd Feb, 2013

Exhibition Planning & Exhibition Management

21st Jul, 2015

Growth internationally

19th Aug, 2017


2nd Jan, 2019

Focus business history on what matters to planning

10 Jan, 2021

Foucs on Other Business Avenues and Assets Building

12th Jan, 2012

Establishment of Primo Corporation

8th Jul, 2014


18th Aug, 2016


27th Sep, 2018

For lean business plans, operational plans, and strategic plans

22nd Sep, 2020

History to Unite and Inspire People

1st Aug, 2022

Establishment of PRIMO Trailer Parts Ecommerce Platform

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