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As a multi-conglomerate company, PRIMO Corporations provides a range of engineering services and  large scale manufacturing of products tailored to the OEM industry.

Aluminum Rim Manufacturing

PRIMO Corporations has the full scale facility for aluminum rim manufacturing.
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Wiring Harnesses

We have the ability to build tooling for our injection molding to make different connectors
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Warehouse Services

Primo will provide facility for imitational consultation, design and layout Installation and tear down.
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Injection Moulding

PRIMO Corporations offers end-to-end injection moulding services at our owned facility.
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Mass Manufacturing

manufacturing of large quantities of standardized products, often using assembly lines.
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Computer Aided Designing (CAD)

Hire Primo Corporations for Computer Aided Designing and Manufacturing Services
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Our mission is to power a better tomorrow through innovative use of additive technologies.
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Machining & Prototyping

Prototype is a process in which a small number of parts are produced before a bigger batch.
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Robotic Laser Welding

Laser welding is a joining process with a focused laser beam which is used in many industries.
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Quality Sorting & Packaging

We customize our system according to the customer's needs, providing the quality sorting & packaging
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Custom CNC Parts

Order CNC Machined Parts. We provide CNC services of any complexity for the production.
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Die Casting

A manufacturing process that produces accurately smooth and textured-surfaced metal parts
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Pallet Racking

The pallet racking is used to store unitized pallet cargo, and is equipped with stackers and other storage.
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Our sustainability efforts touch every part of our business and every region we operate in.

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We offer many services to progress!

Maverick Enclosed

Currently, Primo Corporations produces two models, our 6x12 single axle and our 7x16 tandem axle. We are currently developing a 6x10-SA, 7x14-TA, 8.5x20-TA and 8.5x24-TA. All of these trailers will be ready by late Summer or early Fall 2023.

Predator Eco Line

Predator Eco Line - This economy trailer can come either assembled or packaged directly to you to build yourself. Please inquire about this special trailer.

Warrior Drop Deck

All Warrior drop deck trailers come with electric brakes, Hydraulic Spring coil suspension, 12v Hydraulic pump, 12V battery, 7RV round plug, backup lights, LED lights, and powder coat paint.

Predator Dump Trailer

Predator Dump Trailer available to order

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