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Quality Die Casting Services

PRIMO Corporations’ die casting services offer high-output production capacity, low cost, and flexible part design options making it an appealing casting choice for non-ferrous metal products. Our die-casting facilities are equipped to handle a variety of designs, materials, and manufacturing needs across multiple industries. Continue reading to learn more.

If you have needs for custom metal parts, PRIMO Corporation is a die-casting service provider that can help. Since 2009, we’ve held our engineering team and equipment to a high standard to continually deliver strong, durable parts and prototypes. To ensure legendary quality, we adhere to a strict die-casting processes that guarantee custom requirements are being met. These are two types of die-casting capabilities we provide.

PRIMO Corporation’s die-casting services offer high-output production capacity, low cost, and flexible part design options.

Is Die Casting Right For Your Product?

The die-casting process is the fastest option available for producing exact, non-ferrous metal products. Because this method utilizes reusable molds, it offers high-speed production of parts and has the flexibility to create a wider range of shapes and sizes than other casting methods. 

Die casting can be completely automated, and its reusable molds also make it an affordable option. This technique is used to manufacture commercial, consumer, and industrial products. Die casting is ideal for medium-sized parts with more complex structures. 

Why Choose Us for Die Casting Parts?

Extensive Selections

We provide a wide range of possible material types, surface finish options, tolerances, and manufacturing processes for your die-casting parts. Based on your custom needs, we offer you different quotes and manufacturing suggestions so that you can get an individual approach and the most cost-effective solution.

Strict Quality Control

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and committed to providing precision die-casting services. The dedicated engineering team of PRIMO Corporations operates rigorous quality inspections in different stages of the manufacturing process: pre-production, in-production, first article inspection, and before delivery to ensure the highest quality parts are manufactured.

Powerful Plant & Facilities

We have established numerous plants to make sure your casting parts are manufactured with high efficiency and fast lead time. Besides, our manufacturing capabilities take advantage of up-to-date and automated facilities that can support an assortment of your customized die-casting projects, regardless that designs
are complicated.

PRIMO CORPORATIONS works with leading manufacturers from different industries to support growing demands and streamline their supply chain. The digitalization of our custom die-casting services helps more and more manufacturers bring their idea to products.

Die Casting Mold Manufacturing Process

CNC, heat treatment, internal stress removal, deep hole drilling, EDM, slow wire walking, grinding machine processing, drilling machine processing, electrode processing, mold matching, lathe, mold saving,
nitriding and coating.



View our 2020 Medical prospectus of brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offer.

Alloys Used to Make Die Casting Parts

Non-ferrous metals that have low fusing temperatures can be used for the die-casting process, like aluminum, zinc, magnesium, lead, and copper. But some uncommon and ferrous metals are also possible. The following will explain the properties of the commonly used die-casting alloys that we use for the majority
of parts.

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum die-casting alloy is lightweight structural metal mainly containing silicon, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc.  It exhibits high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, cutting performance, and small linear shrinkage, making it excellent casting performance and filling ability.

Moreover, aluminum alloys can maintain good mechanical properties under high or low temperatures because of their small density and high strength. Commonly used Aluminum alloys:

A380, A360, A390. A413, ADC-12, ADC-1

Zinc Alloys 

The main elements added to zinc die-casting alloy are aluminum, copper, and magnesium. It provides a good surface finish without the need for secondary processing. Importantly, zinc alloy is more cost-effective and stronger than other comparable alloys.  Also, it has better fluidity and corrosion resistance so they are mainly used for die-casting meters, automotive parts housings, and other complex metal parts. Commonly used Zinc alloys:

Zamak-2, Zamak-3, Zamak-5, Zamak-7, ZA-8, ZA-12, ZA-27

Die casting is a versatile manufacturing technique, and it plays an important role in creating and producing many modern products, from aerospace structural parts to electrical enclosures. PRIMO Corporation has provided innovative manufacturing solutions for different industrial applications. We offer high-quality parts at competitive pricing to value customers in the following industries:

  • Automotive Parts: As a die-cast parts manufacturer, we specialize in making vehicle parts like gears, cylinders, glad hands, transfer cases, small engine parts, and components for lawn and garden tractors.
  • Aerospace Industry: Magnesium and aluminum pressure die-casting technologies from precision die-casting services can produce light, durable structural parts with great resistance to corrosion.
  • Lightning Components: Our die-casting service is also for electrical housings, die-cast heat sinks, and many more components.
  • Commercial & Consumer Products: We also manufacture commercial parts including compressor pistons and connecting rods, heat sinks, bearing housings, parts of the sink faucet, and meters.

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